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Genestealer cult leaks and mini Review

Many may have already seen some of the leaks running around the interwebs regarding what is upcoming in the new Genestealer cult codex. Several sites and youtube channels have been giving out their opinions and reviews on the upcoming Codex (due out on the 15th) and yes I will be getting a copy.

Quite a lot seems to be changing. Not to mention that brood brothers seem to be very absent in this codex, with GW pretty much telling us to purchase the Guard codex to allow us to add these units and to add these units as a separate detachment.

So let's have a quick look some of the things that appear to be changing in the cult codex

Ambush Markers

This staple from the previous codex is staying but they are now limiting it to infantry and biker units. No longer will precious vehicles be able to hide before the game. I'm glad that a version of this is staying put, mainly to see my opponents face when markers are finally revealed.


This is a part of Conceal, and again really applies to Infantry units and Bikers. Instead of following the normal "Deep Strike" rules found in the 9th edition of the game Underground units have 2 ways of appearing on the battlefield

  • This unit can be set up anywhere on the battlefield more than 8inch away from enemy units.

  • Can set up anywhere more than 6inch away from enemy units, but cannot charge.

Nice, so Cult units have that extra inch on other deploying units, some folks might think that this isn't a big deal but when you apply a bit of the old mathhammer to it it makes a massive difference.

You see you have a 28% chance of rolling 9+ on 2d6 and surprisingly you have a 42% chance of rolling 8+. This means that cult unit have doubled their chances of getting into close combat from an ambush strike.

The 6inch away is going to be pretty handy for units that dish out a bit of shooting, but in my opinion, you will use this as a way of jumping on people objectives or getting some secondaries off from some easy points.

Brood Brothers

Now, this has caused some issues for a lot of current players. Brood Brother are no longer part of your initial detachment and have to be taken as a second detachment. Not only that but if you want to keep all of your fancy cult rules the total points spent on Brood Brother detachments cannot be more than 25% of your total (ether points of power).

So it means that if you want to field that Leman Russ Battle Tank then you are going to have to add a separate detachment, which could also mean you have to get units to fill the compulsory slots, units you probably didn't want to field in the first place.

Also, Codex Astra Militarum will get replaced this year meaning a lot of players will get a book that might only last them 6 months on an estimate.

This also causes a problem for a lot of cult force composition. Cult army's don't have a lot of long-ranged tank-killing ability unless it's brought in the form of a tank or BB heavy weapon team. We do have the mining laser but this seems very weak in comparison to every other armies “Mega Death Ray (See what's coming out for the Tau)” and kitting Close Combat units to take on tanks just means that all opposing forces have to do is close ranks on the tanks and you’ll not be able to get to them.

The only upside is that Brood Brother units will now get Unquestioning Loyalty and +2 to leadership.

We also are getting Crossfire and the rule Exposed which are detailed on GW’s website here

Warlord Traits

These are relatively unchanged, Born Survivor has gone and is replaced by Prowling Agitant which allows the Warlord to move 6inch if selected as a target of a charge. So allows him to get out of there if need be.

All the others are exactly the same.

Broodmind Discipline

Some hefty changes are coming to the Psychic powers that the cult can take. All of them are called exactly the same as before but have little tweeks that fit 9th edition.

  • Mass Hypnosis

This power no longer stops overwatch, but with overwatch being quite limited now that pretty much doesn't matter. Enemy units now have -1 to their attack characteristic and fight last in combat.

  • Mind Control

You can no longer take control of enemy units (shame). Still, enemy at -1 to hit and if the psychic test is equal or higher than the unit's Leadership they also get -1 to Leadership and combat attrition tests as well. Probably one NOT to use against Necrons.

  • Psionic Blast

This remains the same except it's been upped slightly. Instead of 1 mortal wound and then d3, it's now d3 mortal or a straight 3.

  • Mental Onslaught

This has gotten a lot better and I can see it being a staple for most players. Now you roll 4d6 and apply a mortal wound for every 5+ rolled. If models are killed because of these mortal wounds, repeat the process with 3d6 and so on until it fails.

  • Psychic Stimulus

The fight first ability has been removed but as well as being able to charge on an advance/fall back assault weapons now can fire without the -1 to hit.

  • Might from Beyond

This remains the same.

Proficient Planning

These are little extras cult can use points/power on to make units better in the game. I’ve included a list that I found on Reddit in the picture gallery below. Note that you can only add one to a unit and each can only be used once in your entire army.

There you have it folks. I'll leave some of the leaked pages I have found below as well for you to look through, some have units in them as well as the cult creeds. Let me know what you are excited for, what annoys you, and what you think will make a big impact on the game.


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