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Genestealer Cult Leaks 2021

As I gently awoke this morning I did what any modern person does nowadays and grabbed my phone and had a quick scroll through my social media landscape.

I was suddenly shocked awake by a couple of photos that showed some Genestealer Cult page leaks!!

Whoop!! I thought. Time to give these a serious once over.

The Genestealer Cult codex has unfortunately been delayed till 2022, so I’m surprised that leaks haven't happened already And I do feel as if GW has not read really giving us any real teasers. so I’m going to give us the teasers that we deserve.

so here are the pages I awoke to this morning. Enjoy and I’ll even make a little comment about if I think these are better or worse for us Cult players.


Neophyte Hybrid leak

So, this doesn’t just give us leaks regarding the units but also leaks on a few weapon changes. The unit itself hasn’t changed much. Still up to 20 models and armed with Autoguns. But blasting charges have changed (but like a weak krak grenade) and you get frag grenades as well. If they have a strat allowing up to 10 to throw grenades then this could be quite a powerful combination.

The unique Webber has also changed, inflicting mortal wounds, which is nice, but you now have to roll to hit.

Shotguns have also been upgraded to a straight strength 4 instead of the usual ’within 6inch’. I find this refreshing and can give punch to a ‘deep striking’ unit. The long wave on the seismic cannon has also received a bit of a strength buff, but the real gem is the cult icon.

this baby apparently gives you D6 models back in your command phase. I don’t know if this is limited but I think I’ll be getting some clippers out and doing a bit of converting to give myself more icons if that’s correct.


The Primus and Magus

Genestealer cult prunus and magus leaks 2021

Some likely subjects for an upgrade as I felt the previous versions lacked…a lot.

the weapons for both have got the familer series of upgrades we know GW to do, change to range, maybe a bit of strength, extra AP, but what I’m more fascinated is with the special rules.

now I haven’t found out what conceal might be just yet. If anybody knows please comment below, but the changes to the Primus has got me WANTING to take the model, and not just to fill up a HQ slot.

The ability to re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1 is something the cult sorely lacked, and this now means he can be played in both offensive and defensive capabilities. Hanging back with some Neophytes or getting up close with the hybrids, much more useful.

On the Magus side we see that familiar‘s have been nurfed a little and no longer count as a separate model, however the Magus is now able to cast two powers without its aid, so I’m happy with that and it can now stop mortal wounds on units within 6 inch. Although I did quite like this units ability to be stuck in the middle of a bunch of units all able to deny, but suppose I have to lose something.



The big daddy himself seems to have gained a wound, but has lost a point of strength. Also a slight change to his rending claws swapping out d3 damage for a straight 2 isn’t great. You can read why I think that on this article here.

Also with the familiar no longer a model it does mean you can’t use on to take a hit to the face, however you are gaining an extra psychic manifestation just like the Magus.

Be aware that he has lost the ability to add 1 to Genestealers to his roll, but gained a 4+ invun instead of a 5+.

Reductus Saboteur

Now this is a new unit, so I’ve nothing really to compare it to. So I’m just going to put the leak up here for you guys to enjoy


There you have it guys. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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