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Crossfire rule, Part useless on these new board sizes.

It's nice when an army you collect is getting some new rules and a bit of an update. Genestealer cult forces will be happy with some new tactics to employ upon the battlefield but are these new Crossfire rules all they make out to be?

when a unit with the Crossfire keyword shoots and scores at least five hits (or a hit with a Damage characteristic other than 1) their target gains a crossfire marker

These crossfire markers give other units a +1 to hit when they also target this unit, but with how the new tables are to be set up and played across, how often are you going to have more than 1-2 units opening fire upon an enemy?

The way you are meant to use this LOS blocking terrain means that not many of your cult will want to be visible, or they may not even have ranged weapons! Cult forces are a close combat army after all.

So GW has given a hoard like Close Combat army buffs to shooting....

Crossfire - Exposed

The second part to these new crossfire rules is a section called exposed (see picture) this is all well and good getting a +1 to wound, because by the look of it your crossfire unit will be mainly packing Autoguns, but these new board sizes are a hell of a lot more restrictive when it comes to being able to pull off infiltration.

Now if there isn't a rule we haven't seen where Gene Cult are allowed to 'deep strike' at a shorter range than 9inch then my argument will be invalid. Sadly I don't think this is going to be the case (not for most units anyway).

Let's hope that GW doesn't mess this up royally. These new codecs are very hit and miss currently and the Tourny scene is still inundated by Mechanicus and Dark Eldar.

Let us know what you think.


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