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Breaking down the Adepta Sororitas Updates

Anime style sister of battle

So the Sisters of Battle codex is coming very soon and if I'm honest a lot quicker than I thought it would. Yes I do collect Sisters and I'm looking forward to what the new codex has to offer, I'm just a bit perplexed why Adepta Sororitas is getting a codex quicker than 40k mainstays such as Eldar (Aeldari).

I'm guessing over the coming week's Games Workshop will keep drip-feeding us with information on what will be in the new tomb, with the latest article being no exception.

Blessing of the Faithful

We are now going to be able to spend our Miracle dice (or Faith Points for those of you of old-school disposition) on more than just substituting dice rolls. Don't get me wrong, I really do like the way the Miracle dice currently work but in my last game with my Sisters of Battle Force I had more Miracle dice than I knew what to do with, so being able to spend these on other items will come in very handy.

Each blessing will have a points cost/power rating associated with it and have a constant or persistent ability as well as a special one you will need to you your Miracle dice for.

The example GW gave us what one of the most expensive, THE WORK OF THE EMPEROR.

Word of the Emperor, new powers for Adepta Sororatas

As you can see this could be incredibly powerful, especially if your enemy is near some of the newer close combat units coming out for the sisters of battle.


These are now becoming more and more important within the game. Especially when it comes to trying to hold those all-important objectives. One that did strike me as a little 'off' was one of the new ones showcased.

Now this could be a pretty tasty strat, don't get me wrong it will be situational and you may find if you play it your opponent might just ignore this squad entirely because of the 1-3 fail ability, but for me, it diminishes Transhuman from the Space Marine codex.

What I mean by this is to me this ability should be in the realm of Space Marines and shouldn't be filtered down to other armies and units. It ruins a bit of flavour and kind of smacks of laziness from a games design point of view.

Regardless of my comments above though I am looking forward to this codex. More so then I was about the Space Marine one, but that could have been because I had JUST bought the previous one and probably had about 3 games out of it.

Read the full Warhammer article here


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