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Breaking Down Kill Team 2021

So I've had the new Kill Team for a few days now and I'm very surprised that I actually enjoy the new rule set.

Picture of Kill Team 2021

The action point system makes it feel like im playing a table top version of something like Xcom, especially with the small model count. The first game I played was against my beloved Girlfriend who is a gamer herself. She too enjoyed it, stating that this game felt more like a game of chess to her then its larger cousin Warhammer 40000.

The movement system is easy to pick up with them breaking each move into brackets which comes in handy with different terrain types, only being able to do each action once means most figures wont move more then 6-9inch, making it so your not hurtling straight into each other turn 1.

Shooting now feels like your doing something more with the amount of dice you roll. Removing the wounding process and adding the 'Critical' hits and saves can make it so that you are awaiting the result of every dice roll.

Kill Team terrain set up.

Combat is brutal. Making you decide on striking or parrying makes the whole thing a large tactical decision rather then a repeat of the shooting aspect of the game. And some of the special abilities can make certain Melee weapons (*cough* power fists *cough*) very devastating during game play.

The removal of the clunky wounding mechanic of the old game also makes it a dream to play the game.

All in all this game should be a win for Game Workshop, but I do have some bad points to make.


As I predicted there was a bit of confusing when I played some Hard Core Warhammer 40k players. The action points system seemed to cause issues on what you can and cannot do. Mainly the fact that with action points you can shoot or fight THEN move, also no double moves to get into combat seemed to be an issue for some.

Icons and dice everywhere.

The Kill Zone isnt the largest of places, especially with lots of terrain on the board. You'll find that most operatives will have multiple counters by the time you get to turn 3. You might be better getting a sheet with a list of your operatives and keeping track that way.

Kill team board showing Crimson FIsts v Chaos Guard

Godzilla's and earthquakes.

Now what I mean with this is that folks have a tendency to accidentally knock terrain around. You get the same problem when playing Necromunda. The game relies heavily on multi level terrain which can be easily knocked skittling models and tokens everywhere.

There is more ups and downs but the game has alot more ups then it does downs. The matched play missions with the secondaries bring over the tactical element from Warhammer 40k very well on a small scale and the games we have played have been tense right to the end of turn 4. Even the element of elite forces v hoard squads is well compensated with how the missions run.

So all in all a good game.


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