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Big Points drop, upcoming Chapter Approved 2021

Workshop has dropped a little bomb shell on Warhammer 40k players the other day by Announcing Chapter Approved 2021. Now to me these are not chapter approved books, simply because all they really contain are matched play missions.

Unlike the Chapter Approved from 8th edition Warhammer 40k which use to contain interesting articles, different ways to play, and a host of missions for ALL formats of 40k, it feels a bit of a jip paying £25 for just '6 missions' in matched play games.

But the biggest thing that people are talking about are the upcoming points changes. GW themselves have put out an article showing some of the biggest upcoming points changes.


I'll be honest, I don't have any of these figures and with my current backlog I'll probably not be getting of these models anytime soon. So this doesn't really effect me. But apparently they will now be coming in between 135-160pts. If anybody can tell me what they started off at in the comments that would be very helpful.


Now told GW were a little vague with how many points this unit was going to come in at.

Coming in at a mere 4 points more per model than Necron Warriors

While not telling us how much Necron Warriors were actually going to cost. But thanks to the power of supposed 'Leaks' we can have a look

As you can see here, if this picture is to be believed, Immortals are now about 2pts more then standard Necron Warrors. Which makes me wonder why is anybody taking Necron Warriors in games anymore.

If your a Necron player let me know what you prefer


Now and Eldar (or Aeldari) player knows that Wraithguard can be some of the most powerful units in the game if used correctly, but when 9th came out I found that I wasn't using them as much, not because of their points cost, but mainly due to the points cost of the entire army going through the roof.

Now Wraithguard can be some of my favourite units in the game. Mainly to watch my opponents sigh when I field them on the table.

They have come down to 35pts a model (37 for Wraithblades). They were previous 38 and 40pts. Which means they have only dropped by 10pts for a 5 man team. Not really ground breaking or 'MASSIVE' in a points drop.

Come on GW, if your dropping some points then DROP some points. 3pts per model is just a correction and in an Eldar army where everything is expensive points wise anyway its not really a big deal .


Again this isnt a massive points drop. Especially when it comes to Genestealer Cult. We are getting a drop of 2pts per stealer, dropping from 17pts to 15pts per model. This is only a drop of 20pts for a 10 man squad, which I suppose means your getting an extra stealer?? Maybe??. Again this isn't something I would consider a big price drop.

In the next few days I'm going to look at a side by side compassion with the supposed leak showing pretty much all the Genestealer cult points costs and how much they have changed.


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