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Beast Snagga’ Gits or Snakebites?

new snagga gits promo image

So when GW announced some new units for the Orks they showed some giant squig riding Orks that activated my 'nostalgia' gland and I instantly wanted an updated unit of Boarboyz.

The latest article by Warhammer Community (which can be found here) is apparently a new greenskin subkultur which shows feral Orks and a more backwards way of fighting.

Now the new models for me are a little disappointing. I personally would have wanted a more updated style of boarboy but we have a very odd looking four legged squig instead.

Its not really mentioned if this new unit is going to be exclusive to some new sub-faction or if these are new units awaiting the release of the next Ork codex, only time will tell.

Personally. Id just take some Age of Sigmar Boyz and convert them up, not impressed at all by these new models GW.


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