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Armoured Aeldari - Eldar Wave Serpent

3 Aeldari Battle Tanks

Wave Serpent leaks have been making the rounds and with the codex imminent I'm going to be having a look at one of (in my opinion) the best standard transports in the game.

I have a large Eldar Army, and I mean LARGE. I've been collecting Eldar for years and im very excited for some new Models and (hopefully) some competitive rules.

So I'm going to give a look at the Wave Serpent leak and let you guys know my thoughts on the 8 transports I own.

The other Equipment

I'm going to start by looking at the additional options you can add to the Wave Serpent before I get to the meat and potatoes of the stat line. My fav to run was Star Engines and Spirit Stones as I loved rolling those 6's to negate some damage. So let's take look and see if I'm going to still be taking them.


Crystal Targeting Matrix

Ignore any and all modifiers to ranged attack hit roll's

Spirit Stones

Counted as having double the amount of wounds left remaining

Star Engines

Add 3" to the move characteristic.

Vectored Engines

Once per battle in the command phase you can activate Vectored Engines. Unit counts as having Battle Focus.


Classic Games Workshop Falcon Image

Quite a lot of these have become easier to use. Star engines have been brought down a bit but I suppose with the new board sizes having a unit shifting that fast is not with the new meta. The move characteristic is still 16", so this knocks it up to 19" still with the ability to fire heavy weapons.

Spirit stones are still going to be an auto-include just to keep the unit pouring on the heat, mixed with Crystal Targeting and you've got yourself a good steady firebase for at least a few turns.

Vectored engines I will probs have to play with to see if I like it. If you saw this article we did regarding Battle Focus you will know my reservations.

The Wave Serpent

The unit itself is not having a stat line change up. It's still going to be the same degrading profile that it has in this current codex. It even has the same rules for transporting 12 models, but the biggest change to the unit is going to be the Wave Serpent Shield.

The shield is now going to give the unit a 5+ invulnerable save. So T7, W13 and 3+ armour, with a 5+ invun is going to make the unit real tough, but that isn't all. The shield also adds additional layers of defence and makes any wounding hit of 1-3 fail, irrespective of any weapons abilities or special rules.

So you pretty much always need a 4+ to wound the wave serpent. Then a 1 in 3 chance of a save. Jesus, talk about giving the Eldar a proper armoured punch. Add a couple of Fire Prism's into the formation (GW has already shared some of their rules) then you have some pretty serious hard-hitting armour that can deliver troops right into the thick of the fighting.

Don't forget that the Twin bright lance damage is now D3+3, Twin Starcannon is 4 shots at S7, AP3 and D2, hell even Shuriken Cannons have been upgraded to -1AP and D2. 9 shots from that will gouge out a good chunk of infantry or wounds from a light vehicle.

The Wave Serpent is back baby.


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