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Apparently Adeptus Mechanicus Guns are getting Better.

With every new Warhammer 40000 codex release comes a batch of changes, ether wanted or (most likely) unwanted by the player base. There is always some new weapon that will come out and will make everything before it seem tame and lame in comparison, and SHOCK HORROR, its only available on brand new figures.

.....well this was the way until 9th edition.

You see 9th Edition has upped a lot of weapon stats, especially after the release of Codex Space Marines. Multi Meltas and Heavy Bolter actually became a thing people took in armies again, and Marines now having 2 wounds seemed moot against weapons becoming deadlier anyway.

What worries me is that the terrain rules were altered to try and eliminate the death count that some had experienced in 8th Edition, we have all had those games where its over as soon as you roll for 1st turn.

9th did stop this, at least initially, but then every weapon now seems to be more lethal.

So lets look at the GW article comparing the old weapons to the new, and I'm going to see how I think this will impact Mechanicus Players

Galvanic Rifle

So they have got rid of the weapons ability and made it part of the profile and removed rapid fire and just made it Heavy 2. Now the permanent addition of -1 to the AP moves this weapon into more of the Bolt Rifle territory, but Heavy 2 perplexes me somewhat.

This weapon is like the Bolter or Lasgun to Mechanicus forces and making it a weapon you have to stand still with to get the best benefits boggles the mind. The game now revolves around units grabbing objectives and being able to manoeuvre so having a main weapon that forces you to stand still seems counter productive.

Like the permanent -1, but should have just stuck with rapid fire.

Arc Weapons

Arc Rifles were weak in Mechanicus forces, but (when I had a Mechancius Army) I enjoyed the idea of taking them anyways. They look like a Steam Punks wet dream.

Now they have been beefed up considerably, with more enthesis on taking on enemy armour. Also having D3 on the Damage isn't too bad, again watch out newly upgraded space marines.

The article also mentions changes to Arc Melee weapons as well, stating they will also get some extra punch against vehicles.

Welcome change. Will make these weapons something to be actually feared...well a little bit anyways.

Cognis Weapons

Cognis weapons have received a boost in this edition, with many getting additional shots and nearly all of them becoming assault. But the most interesting to me if the Twin Cognis Lascannon.

So the special rules have gone, which makes a lot of sense as you cant be modified by more then -1 to hit now, but the D3+3 takes away some of the swingy'ness of the lascannon. Its now competing with the Neutron laser for space in your army. Well unless that's changed too. Which I find take a little bit of flavour away from the Lascannon itself.

Not too sure on this one.

There is other weapons I have missed so if you want to inspect the full range check out the article here


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