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Aeldari Avatar, what we know

New Aeldari Avatar 2022

Well, we actually know quite a lot about this pretty brutal upgrade to the manifestation of Kaela Mensha Khaine as the potato cams have been making the rounds as of late. GW would normally ignore these and slowly drip feed us bits to make sure we are truly invested.

Rather than showing tidbits, I'm just going to let you guys know all the rules for this truly terrifying model.

It will be a HQ choice

Aeldari Avatar is a HQ choice

The potato cam's have given us a glimpse into which section this unit will belong to. Take a look into the corner and you will find a bit of a skull, which is the universal 40k logo for a HQ choice.

Hellofa Tough

The New profile does make the Avatar more like a fast tank than a strong infantry unit. He does have a degrading profile, which worsens his Move, BS and attacks by 1 for each section. Now rather than show some crap photo, i'll use GW's nicer looking image instead

Special Rules

Games Workshop has already shown us the rules for the Moltan Body, so I won't be repeating that here, but he does have more rules, as it wouldn't be an Avatar without affecting elements of your army.

Khaine Awakened [Aura], while a friendly Asuryani Core unit is within 12" of this model, each time a Combat Attrition test is taken for that unit, you can ignore any or all modifiers.

The Bloody-Handed [Aura], While a friendly Asuryani Core unit is within 6" of this model, you can re-roll charge rolls for that unit.

Burning Demise: When this model is destroyed, roll one D6 before removing it from play. On a 6 it explodes and each unit within D6" suffers D3 mortal wounds.

And they will also have access to Battle Focus and Strands of Fate (In case he can't do enough damage)

So, combined with what GW has already released, this model will end up being one of the strongest HQ units in the game.


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