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Adeptus Sororitas Holy Orders are here.

Sisters of battle in action

As predicted Games Workshop are piece meaning out information for the upcoming Sisters of Battle Codex. This time they are taking a look at the Order‘s and what they mean to the battlefield. Order of Our Martyred Lady

This one is kind of like the ultramarines for the Sisters force, and what I mean by that is that this is the standard ’Poster Women’ of the Sisters army.

Now I’m not going to be looking at everything released in GW’s article click the link if you want to look at it all, but I’m going to throw in my two pence when looking at these traits.

As we have come to expect from ‘chapter traits’ we are getting two effects per army. The first is additional Miracle Dice, now GW has stated that we will be able to use miracle dice on more things, which I hope we do as the rate on which you can accumulate them WITHOUT special abilities is a little crazy. The second only kicks in when your down to below 50% strength. This to me would mean a Retributor squad won’t get a benefit until it reached two models, and no mention on how this effects tanks.

Would I use this Order?: No, not without know I get more on what the miracle dice do and if it effects vehicles. Currently it’s very poor.

Order of the Valorous Heart

The first effect is nether here nor there. Ignoring mortal wounds is quite situational and can be opposing army dependent. The other ability however

Now this ability doesn’t ignore the - but nerfs it just a bit. Ignoring a -1 completely can make units incredibly hard to shift, especially if you are getting a +1 due to a cover save. We know that this ability will effect vehicles straight off and you are effecting all but the heaviest of weapons.

Would I use this Order?: A big yes. Especially in tournament games.

Order of the Bloody Rose

So those that watch my Battle Reports will know that this is my faction of choice. (although my colour scheme is slightly different). Now this particular faction does sometimes go against the grain of a lot of army builds, with many thinking that you simply don't charge with Sisters of Battle armies. But the addition of these new close combat units could address some of the problems this army can face.

Would I use this Order?: I kinda have too.

Order of the Ebon Chalice

Without really knowing too much of what the new sacred rites could be this could ether be a hit or a miss. Don't get me wrong, if they don't change much then picking two rites could change how you play the game against certain opponents, me I like the randomness of just rolling for it.

Would I use this Order?: Not enough information.

Order of the Argent Shroud

Now this one does interest me. After the recent FAQ regarding the terminology and effect of 'Remain Stationary' you have now got an army that can advance across the battlefield, fire at full effect and still charge, while re-rolling one of the dice (which after playing against old style Salamanders can actually be quite powerful). Argent Shroud armies will now be incredibly fast, don't be surprised if you find armies just hiding behind LOS blocking terrain just to hurtle through it, shoot everything and charge the rest.

Would I use this Order?: Big Yes, until GW nerf it.

Order of the Sacred Rose

Quite a weak Order for me personally. I find that in 9th now that moral has changed and how shooting has changed units ether take only 1-2 casualties, meaning a lot of 'auto passing' or get decimated and pretty much removed from the table. The secondary of gaining a miracle dice also feels wasted as I can usually gain loads of Miracle dice without much fuss.

Would I use this Order?: No, both areas are wasted in my opinion.

And thats it, apoligise that this article is late, but its been crazy in my home as of late. Hoping for good things this coming Saturday.


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