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Adeptus Mechanicus are coming...

So GW is doing the usual 'lets have a sneek peek' on its upcoming Adeptus Mechanicus Codex which is coming to pre-order on the 22nd. So far only one article has appealed to me and thats the one looking at the differences in between the forge worlds. Now these are still the same 7 that you would find in the old codex, so I'm going to compare the articles new bits to the old ones.

Be aware that without the full book some of the rules might look out of place or might need other rules from the new codex that are not in this article.



Difference between the old Mars Dogma and new Mars Dogma

Now this one might come across as confusing, as we don't know the new rules for Canticles (as of typing). Normally Skitarri units would gain Canticles anyway so there isn't much we can go on rules wise. The addition of allowing a re-roll to hit however can be, at times, game changing. Especially in later rounds when command points have been exhausted.


Difference between the old Mars Stratagem and new Mars Stratagem

This has taken a bit of a nerf bat to the face, and rightly so I might add. When I ran my Mechanicus army I used to run with Mars. One of my fav tactics was to advance up to a hard opposing unit with some Skitarii Vanguard with a data-tether, play PROTECTOR DOCTRINA IMPERATIVE for +2 to hit, then Wrath of Mars. 30 shots needing 2's to hit and mortal wounding on 6's. I once got real lucky and wiped out a unit of 5 Canoptek Wraiths (8th Ed Necron Codex) with one unit.

Now it has been rained in to a max of 6 mortal wounds.


Difference between the old Mars Relic and new Mars Relic

Now this is a definite improvement. Not only are they getting an extra point of strength but they are getting an additional 3 attacks. The additional attacks are what makes the relic worth taking in my eyes.



Difference between the old Lucius Dogma and new Lucius Dogma

Wow, talk about an upgrade for your rank and file infantry. Not so much of an improvement for your vehicles but your standard bodies are going to be ranking up with this new dogma. You are literally getting a +1 against most armies basic weapons and adding 3inch to range weps is going to mean they are able to 'sit' on those objectives during matched play games.


Difference between the old Lucius Stratagem and new Lucius Strat

Two parts to this one. First off a Nerf, no longer allowed to use it with vehicles. Now I do believe that might have been nerfed in an errata, but I cant be sure and....im too lazy to check. Bonus, in larger games this strat can be used multiple times, which can negate some of the Mechanicus's mobility issues. Combine that with their new ability to take a bit more of a beating and you will see combat units dropping in to take those unoccupied objectives.



Difference between the old Agripinaa Dogma and new Agripinaa Dogma

So a complete overhaul to Agripinaa, which with how the rules for overwatch are now, makes the previous Dogma obsolete. The new is punchy and will make Agripinaa forces close in on the enemy to gain the Dogma advantage. Without the other rules out yet though I'm reluctant to state what units this would be good with.


Difference between the old Agripinaa Stratagem and new Agripinaa Stratagem

Another complete change from what came before. The old was highly situational and 8th and even 9th to a degree can see units destroyed rather rapidly. Making it a little useless. Also do you have to use reinforcement points or not? The new one is alot more streamlined and depending on what the Servitors T is in the new book could lead to some tough units.

Note that on this strat we also have the wording for different game sizes. I've not seen alot of the new Codex's except for Marines currently but I like that they are taking game size into consideration.


Difference between the old Agripinaa Relic and new Agripinaa Relic

Again we have added some muscle to the strat, but also caressed it with the nerf bat at the same time. Only Core units within 6inch of this model with be effected, but it is re-roll all wound rolls (instead of it being Chaos Vehicles) so for me a win.



Difference between the old Graia Dogma and new Graia Dogma

To me this clears up alot of what can be confusing about the Graia Dogma, but I am saddened by the loss of fluff from the Dogma. No mention of not being able to fall back unless a character is near has removed a little bit of what can make a force like this quirky. Chris from the channel has still got his Mech army, so we may see this one take to the field some time soon.


Difference between the old Graia Stratagem and new Graia Stratagem

Not much in the way of major changes here.


Difference between the old Graia Relic and new Graia Relic

Completely different. The old one had no worth to it, even in the previous edition. The new one however feels more like a warlord trait then a relic.


Stygies VIII

Difference between the old Stygies Dogma and new Stygies VIII Dogma

This one is very poor and if truth be told, I much prefer the old one. Effectively having Dense cover means -1 to hit, but when you come across an enemy unit that 'ignores cover' then your whole Dogma is useless and the Hold Steady/Set to Defend only applies to certain terrain, which if your not using alot of that terrain type, means fuck all.


Im not putting the picture up to compare. As they are pretty much the same.


Difference between the old Stygies Relic and new Stygies VIII Relic

This is the only improvement for Stygies unfortunately. The other two shown on the article are very poor and lack any real change. This relic has been upgraded and is now useable (in my opinion).



Difference between the old Ryza Dogma and new Ryza Dogma

Nice change, no longer feel like an afterthought by the design team. Getting into combat quickly with extra attacks is a plus, but to me this can depend on what units you have in your army. Without seeing if there are any major changes to the Rank and File I wouldn't be able to tell you if this Dogma was worth it.


Difference between the old Ryza Stratagem and new Ryza Stratagem

So we go from good to bad. This strat is a little disappointing. It feels very much like an after thought and in no way would give me an incentive to get more plasma in my Ryza army (if I had one)


Difference between the old Ryza Relic and new Ryza Relic

Back to an improvement again. This is defo an upgrade to what came before, I do think GW missed a trick by not having the number of the weapon go up (its number is 99) and giving us some different roman numerals.



Difference between the old Metalica Dogma and new Metalica Dogma

Now, im sure Metalica just got some upgrades in the latest War Zone book, but I could be wrong. This feels like they have slowed the army a little with the removal of 'rapid into assault' but being able to move and fire with Heavy could be useful, although without the rules I couldn't again tell you how useful this is just yet.


Difference between the old Metalica Stratagem and new Metalica Stratagem

I like the change, the last strat feels very 8th edition, this new one is for me on a different level of tactical thinking.

Not alot of strats/equipment will slow movement, but halving an enemy units movement could have game winning consequences. Stopping that all important movement before grabbing objectives could mean a 5/10 or even 15pt swing in a Matched play game. This is one I'm going to be watching out for.


Again I'm not posting a picture as not alot has changed. The D has increased by 1 and it now has +1 to hit but nothing major has changed with the relic much at all.


So that's it for now. No doubt GW will release some more rules before Saturday comes to gain more hype for the pre-order. Tell me what you think of the changes in the comments below.


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