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A quick look at Horus Heresy 2.0

Horus Heresy Age of Darkness

Yes yes, I know I stated that I wouldn't be getting into the new Heresy, but my 40th birthday passed and my friends bought me both the rulebook and the Loyalest book as they know I still had the remnants of a large Blood Angels army, including Sanquinus.

Now I had sold off various parts of the army that folks wanted, mainly my Assualt Squads and my Breachers, but I still have my Terminators, Tanks, Tactical Support and various other units so I still have a fair chunk of an army (over 8000pts worth apparently).

I did hit a snag when going through the book to find units that I had so I could assign points to them etc, I tend to write out everything I've got so it makes it easy to keep track of what I have.

Loads of units were missing.

This initially caused me a problem. A few of the units I usually relied upon were gone. And the one that stung the most was the missing Caestus Assault Ram.

Warhammer 40000 Forge World Caestus Assault Ram

Now the Caestus Assault Ram is very much a Space Marines Vehicle. It is essentially a flying Ram with a design that has no aerodynamics whatsoever and in the lore just simply relies on brute force to achieve anything. In the previous edition, you could take this and load it with 10 models of pretty much anything as one of its special rules was that it ignored rules such as bulky when transporting.

I was a little disheartened that one of my fav units for heresy, in both gameplay and lore, was missing from this new book, especially as the books actually have a picture of a Caestus Assault Ram in the background. I took to the interent and typed in horus heresy legion units not in book and came across this artilce by GW themselves.

Thankfully this download means that I can use my flying Brick in future games against my opponents and with a stat line like this it will probs see even more play than it did before.

Legion Rules for the Caestus Assault Ram

It also means I can keep using my Legion Lighting Strike Fighters, although these do get to see some games in Warhammer 40k supporting my Guard army, so the loss of those rules wasnt too much of a blow.

Now I have had a couple of games so far using these new rules and I must say, even tho the base rules are supposed to be 7th Ed, I found them to be very different.

Dreadnoughts with Monster Stats

The shift from using tank-style rules for Dreadnoughts has made these walking tanks very indestructible. You are no longer going to lose a Contemptor to a single lascannon shot and in my few games I have seen these units wade through an armies worth of shooting with barely a scratch. Granted bolters can now hurt them, but needing 6's to wound with a 3+ save means most will simply ping off. I can see these being a unit most people will now auto-include.

Completely Different Movement

Back in 7th ed if you were to move through terrain you had to roll 2d6 and pick the highest. This would inevitably mean that your prised combat unit (without jump packs) would roll a 1 and a 2 respectively, possibly on more than one occasion. Now terrain is following the styling of 8th/9th Ed and is simply removing 2inch from your overall move, and running you now simply add your initiative. This means that a unit of Marines moving through terrain will move 9inch regardless


So far we have had some good fun with reactions in the game, and I'm finding the legion-specific Blood Angels one to be incredibly useful. Although one of the most powerful of the basic ones is return fire, play this on the right squad and you can have a unit that's removing twice as much as its worth off the board every game.

WS5 is actually useful

In the good old 7th Ed WS5 would normally mean that you would hit your opponent of WS4 on a 3+, while they would need a 4+ to hit you back. It was quite common in the game to hit your opponent on a 4+ unless there was a large difference in Weapon Skill. In 2.0 however, it seems that if you are higher than your opponent not only are you hitting them on a 3+, but they can only hit you back on a 5+. This goes the same for characters as well. This means it's actually worth taking Vet squads for once.

There are loads more little changes that make this edition feel very different to the one previous (Especially the Brutal(x) rule), so much so you could even have imagined that this was Warhammer 40k 8th edition from another dimension. I just hope they stay the course with this and when the other army books come out they don't throw the game dynamic and balance completely out of whack.


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