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£4.99 Warhammer +

Warhammer + exclusive figure.

So Finally Games Workshop have released the details on what we will be getting with Warhammer +.

Dont get me wrong, I personally think they are missing out on potentially drawing in new consumers by distributing the animation onto YouTube. I know several people that have got into Warhammer 40k from just the Astartes Series alone.

But the big cheeses at GW HQ think otherwise and are wanting to charge us £4.99 (or £49.99 for the year) instead.

They have listed the following as enticement to bring you into the fold.

  • A wealth of Warhammer animation

  • Weekly in-house Warhammer hobby shows

  • A digital vault of classic Warhammer publications and White Dwarf issues

  • Full access to Warhammer Apps (that’s Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with more to come!)

  • Premium access to our official events

  • Exclusive subscriber offers

  • A free exclusive Citadel miniature worth at least £25* every year

  • Access to a second exclusive subscriber miniature

So I'm going to be looking at these in a little extra detail and breaking each down bit of apparent 'bonus' content down into positives and negatives.

A wealth of Warhammer animation

Positives : People for years have been clambering for GW to actually produce content in a different form of media than just books. From what we've seen some of the Animations are shaping up to look really good and we know that have brought on several folks from YouTube to help bulk out what GW has been producing in house

Negatives : We keep seeing the same content over and over again. Angels of Death was supposed to be out in 2019 and didn't see the light of day. Some of the animation looks shonky and might be 'kid friendly' which lets be fair as fans, I'm wanting some hardcore anime style blood and guts here. It could be of very poor quality.

Weekly in-house Warhammer hobby shows

Positives : Im not sure I can find any

Negatives : They already pump out content on YouTube and on Warhammer community, are they now going to stop doing this? Surely putting videos that get people interested in your products behind a paywall is like asking people to pay to watch adverts.

A digital vault of classic Warhammer publications and White Dwarf issues

Positives : Being mainly a Narrative style gamer getting access to back lore and missions can be great for sources of inspiration. Access to classic White Dwarf can also be a great read.

Negatives : How far are they going back? sometimes its great to look up a White Dwarf from 10 years ago to see how things have changed, but to look at a White Dwarf from last year is just mainly looking at an old Argos book.

Full access to Warhammer Apps

Positives : Being able to access all of the content is a real big bonus of only £5 a month.

Negatives : Is it really going to be full access? If thats the case then why do we have codes in the back of our books? or why even have codexes coming out? I have a funny feeling it wont be 'Full access'

Premium access to our official events

Now i'm not going to comment on this one. GW event ticket prices are extortionate anyway, so unless its a discount on that...im not interested.

Exclusive subscriber offers

Again I cant really break this down into good and bad as they didn't really elaborate. Unless they are talking about the shows maybe? Im not sure.

A free exclusive Citadel miniature worth at least £25* every year

Positives : Getting exclusive miniatures is always great and once purchased can be worth quite a lot of money in the long run. Also you don't get it until after a year of subscription meaning scalpers can fuck right off.

Negatives : The Mini's shown so far look good, but will next years be any good? And how do we know the model is worth £25? GW sets their own prices at the end of the day.


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