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Here is a collection of home brew missions and rules that we have tried and tested (to some extent) for various Warhammer games. If you have any missions or rules that you play and would like to share send us a message below. 

Armageddon, Opening Stages

A open war style battle pitting guard against Orks set in the backdrop of the 2nd War for Armageddon


Rogue Trader Plot Generator

Several pages of the old school Rogue Trader plot generator for your games or scenarios


Fireball Rising

Defender and attacker style mission. 75pw recommended.


Patrol Mission

Great for small games of up to 65 power level.



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If you want to enquire about a commission or even to get some help with your Narrative campaigns or Games just simply fill out the form below and we will try and get in touch as soon as we can. 

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