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Army Lists

Here you will find the various army lists used in our Battle Reports. All lists try to conform to the settings of the game being played with some being tournament based and others Narrative. 

2000pt Astra Militarum Force

2000pt Matched play force, used in Battle Reports

Imperial Guard

110 Power Level Orks

Ork force used in a larger game for the Escalation Campaign.


Dark Angels 2000pts Matched Play force

2000pts of Dark Angels 'Green Wing' Force

Space Marines, Dark Angels

1500pts Blood Axe Orks

Matched Play Blood Axe Orks to Fight Sisters of Battle


100pw Genestealer Cult with Brood Brothers Campaign Force

Campaign Force, large Brood Brother Tanks force backed by Cult Infantry

Genestealer Cult

New Codex, Sisters of Battle 1500pts Matched Play

1500pts Matched play force with all the Units I have available.

Adepta Sororitas

Biel-Tan Craftworld - 1500pts

Aeldari 1500pt Matched play force, May 2021

Craftworld Eldar

Imperial Guard, 1500pts Matched Play

Uses two detachments, built May 2021

Astra Militarum

Sister of Battle, 1500pts Matched Play

Bloody Rose force, built May 2021

Adepta Sororitas

Armageddon Steel Legion - 1500pts

Balanced Guard force for Matched Play, May 2021

Astra Militarum

Dark Angels - 1500pts

Dark Angels forces with quite a few dreads, May 2021

Dark Angels, Space Marines

Gene Cult, 85pw

Cult force for ongoing campaign

Genestealer Cult


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