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Biel Tan Craftworld - Swordwind

2 detachments that make up a quite powerful force.

Craftworld Eldar

Armageddon Armoured 177th

2 detachments (Patrol and Battalion) make up this heavily armoured Guard force.

Astra Militarum

Biel-Tan Strike force

2000pts Matched Play force consisting of one Battalion.

Craftworld Eldar

Armageddon 12th

1500pts Astra Militarum force with an Eversor Assassin and a healthy amount of tanks.

Astra Militarum

Imperial Fists, 1500pt Primaris Army

Imperial Fist Space Marine force that is pure Primaris Marines.

Space Marines

Biel-Tan Craftworld force, 1500pts

Aeldari force that has fast and compact hard hitting units.

Craftworld Eldar

Armageddon 4th Infantry

1501pts for a one off matched play game. A good balance of infantry and tanks.

Astra Militarum

2000pts Astra Militarum

Armageddon Force to take on Goff Orks, July 2021

Astra Militarum

2000pt Astra Militarum Force

2000pt Matched play force, used in Battle Reports

Astra Militarum

110 Power Level Orks

Ork force used in a larger game for the Escalation Campaign.


Dark Angels 2000pts Matched Play force

2000pts of Dark Angels 'Green Wing' Force

Space Marines, Dark Angels

1500pts Blood Axe Orks

Matched Play Blood Axe Orks to Fight Sisters of Battle



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