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Painting Commissions

Professional Miniature Painting Studio based in the United Kingdom. We use nearly every technique to achieve a high level paint job for your figures. 

Battle Reports

We have some of the most entertaining Battle reports in the whole web (well, we think so anyway). Come and check out our varaity of fights and its not just 40k, we have Titanicus and Necromunda Batreps too.

Painting Tutorials

rootstems painting tutorials are free for anyone that's willing to learn. Always finding new techniques and equipment to paint my miniatures, I will share what I learn along the way and even share my disaster stories with you too.

The Bunker

Go into the bunker and access free to download missions, campaign, army lists and links to discounts and recommend wargaming sites around the web.

The right terrain for the right sized game.

New Kill Team battle report - Sisters of Battle v Genestealers

How to apply Waterslide Transfers

Painting Orc Blood Bowl Team

New WH40k Battle Report

New Kill Team Battle Report, Imperial Guard v Adeptus Custodes

New 40k Batrep with Eldar v Marines

Kill Team Deep Dive : Orks

Kill Team Deep Dive : Adepta Sororitas

Kill Team Deep Dive : Imperial Guard

Kill Team Battle Report

Kill Team Deep Dive : Space Marine Scouts


If you want to enquire about a commission or even to get some help with your Narrative campaigns or Games just simply fill out the form below and we will try and get in touch as soon as we can. 

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